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California Rape Report

Rape is a horrific crime, is underreported, and difficult to prove. When Darren Chaker was contacted by a friend in San Diego, she responded to a modeling advertisement and was subsequently raped. Knowing rape is difficult to prove, Darren was able to interrogate the suspect through casual conversation while recording him in public and directed the victim to retain evidence such as text messaging and clothing. The suspect admitted to having posted a modeling ad, having sex with the victim, and even apologized. The material was provided to the San Diego Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit who later interviewed the multi-felon suspect in jail. To do good for others, there’s no need for a badge, just a good person who can take initiative.

Rape Report


Ramona Ripston to Darren Chaker for using his long term friendship with Jason Statham to autograph material for use in celebrity auction in Beverly Hills. Darren drove to Jason in San Diego where a movie was being shot to collect various items for auction. Sounds easy, trying spending the entire day in traffic! However, the end result of a days drive to benefit people needing help is worth it. During the decade Darren spent in the entertainment industry, Darren uses his contacts to benefit various organizations from the ACLU, Children of the Night in Los Angeles, and Shade Tree domestic violence shelter in Las Vegas.


Celebrity Auction Jason Statham ACLU by Darren Chaker

The California right to privacy is an important one. When California Assemblyman Henry Perea received input from Darren Chaker concerning pending legislation. California Constitution, Article 1, section 1. The state Constitution gives each citizen an “inalienable right” to pursue and obtain “privacy.”  The law has tried to keep up with technology, one case in particular illustrates this. In Planned Parenthood Golden Gate v. Superior Court (2000), 83 Cal.App.4th 347, the court found “Names, addresses and home telephone numbers of nonparty staff and volunteers of Planned Parenthood sought by anti-abortion demonstrators; reasonable concern for safety and not likely to talk to investigators; court considered political climate & all circumstances and concluded disclosure would not promote state interest of truth seeking; court recognized disclosure of names would adversely affect freedom to associate with unpopular causes”.  Assemblyman Perea acknowledged Darren’s contribution of material and opinion on the pending law.

Rape Report



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