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San Diego Murder Suspect Arrested on Camera

Darren Chaker, helped police in a murder case, and the suspect charged in the San Diego Superior Court.

We define ourselves in the face of death.

Family murder suspect arrested. On a quiet late night near the coast of La Jolla in San Diego screams echoed throughout an upscale apartment complex. It was a San Diego murder. While lights turned on, and people looked out windows, an entire apartment building stood safely behind locked doors, except for Darren Chaker who was visiting a friend and within a minute arrived at the scene with a lone police officer he flagged down. After ripping open a fire escape door, the officer and Darren ran up three flights of stairs. Not having a gun, badge or bullet resistant vest on, Darren didn’t hesitate to open the stairwell door while the officer trailed behind to aid the woman prior to her son, Nikola Chivatchev, turning on her after allegedly killing his father.

Coincidentally, Darren was at a fund raiser with friend and actor Jason Statham and still had his digital camera/recorder in his pocket. Realizing what and in an effort to memorialize the traumatic horrors crime inflicts upon a family, while understanding why no one came out to help the screaming mother, Darren turned on his camera and recorded his brief talk with a an alleged murderer. Listen closely and you will hear the son state in response to questions from Darren.

Darren Chaker was thanked by law enforcement and victim rights group for his assistant to gaining access to the apartment building, and soliciting statements from the suspect since once police arrest a person they cannot ask questions about the crime until the suspect’s rights have been waived by him. However, Darren, who is not a police officer, was able to ask questions and obtain damaging information from the suspect, such as:

1. “I fucking killed the guy

2. “He killed his father” (mother’s statement)

3. “I fucking broke his skull”

4. “I smashed in his skull”

5. “He’s fucking in my bed bleeding to death”

6. “His fucking head is smashed in”

Darren remains under subpoena as a witness to murder, however the case is delayed since the son remains in a mental hospital.

WARNING * This video is not pretty, the language is profane and recommend you do not watch this with children near or around you. Of course, this video is copyrighted and may not be reposted, used, or reproduced absent the written consent of Darren Chaker.

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It’s a sad to day, when a scream echoes in the night and it might as well be from a mute. I was the only person out of an apartment building of 400+, who answered the call for help. The similarities of the Kitty Genovese murder, where her screams were not responded to for several blocks 50 years ago and what happened in this instance are astoundingly similar. The issue is how society has not evolved and remains unattached are horrific.

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